Oakfield Trust is currently seeking new Board Members


Oakfield Trust is the trading name of two separate companies – Clondalkin Community Property CLG and Clondalkin Community Property Leasing CLG. It was established in 1996 as a community based social enterprise with registered charity status (Charity Regulator Authority No: 20041861). The main charitable purpose of Oakfield Trust is to provide a range of property-based services and related supports for community and local projects in marginalized areas and socially excluded communities. It seeks to act as a catalyst for social gain by (a) providing a range of property solutions for community, public and private endeavours, and (b) using surplus profits to assist community based initiatives. These supports are intended to provide projects with a secure platform to develop and succeed, and thereby benefit their communities. We have also provided assistance to local organisations in the form of project development loans and grants as well as new-build project-management.


The Board of Oakfield Trust is a voluntary, collective decision-making and oversight body acting in the best interests of the organisation. The Board has some very experienced members but is now recruiting additional members as the organisation continues to develop and innovate in response to new and emerging needs. New members should have some of the following experiences and backgrounds: -


  • Management and/or practice experience in the statutory, voluntary or community sectors;
  • Experience in any sector of - Accountancy/Finance, Property Development and Management, Planning and Legal, Business Management/HR; Communications/Marketing/Social Media Skills.
  • Openness, enthusiasm and willingness to participate in Board discussions;
  • Understanding of the requirements of corporate governance in the voluntary and community sector or a willingness to participate in relevant training;

    The Board meets approximately 9 - 10 times a year for approximately 2 hours, usually mornings on Tuesdays/Thursdays where applicable.


    If you are interested in joining our Board, please contact Brendan Bartley (Chairperson) at brendan.bartley@gmail.com or Marie Duffin (Manager/Administrator) at mduffin@oakfieldtrust.ie