What we do

Oakfield Trust provides a range of property-based services and related supports. Our primary activity is Property Management & Development. Our aim is to help community and local projects that benefit the community. Our business involves the acquisition, customisation, and management of properties which we lease to organisations that work with marginalised groups and socially excluded communities. We are based in Clondalkin but offer our services across the whole of Ireland.

Throughout the years we have used some of our surplus funds, when available, to provide a range of additional supports to local and community projects. These supports cover a broad spectrum and can include help with project management, capacity development, feasibility studies, project loans, business development supports and start-up grants.


Supports we can offer your organisation


  • PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & DEVELOPMENT – We manage the properties that we lease and can help your organisation to develop and grow along with your needs.

  • PROVISION OF OFFICE & ACTIVITY SPACES – We acquire and let customised accommodation for organisations seeking security of tenure at reasonable rates and working with marginalised groups and socially excluded communities.

  • PROJECT DEVELOPMENT LOANS & GRANTS – Once we are working closely with organisations, we may have the capacity to offer small development loans.

  • NEW BUILD PROJECT MANAGEMENT – In certain circumstances we have the facility to assist with project manage new build developments for your organisation from planning to construction sign-off.

  • Oakfield Trust is the trading name of two separate companies – Clondalkin Community Property CLG and Clondalkin Community Property Leasing CLG.

    We currently have a property portfolio of 5 commercial properties in Clondalkin. Of these premises, 3 are owned by Oakfield Trust and have been let to anchor tenants, while 2 other properties are leased and sub-let to community-based organisations. Find out more about these properties by visiting our Property Portfolio.

    Oakfield Trust also manages a small commercial business park in Clondalkin under Nangor Road Management CLG. This management function involves diverse services such as appointment of auditor, coordination of quarterly meetings, preparation of financial reports and preparation of service charge budgets including security and other associated supports. This is an area which we may look to expand in the future. Please contact us by email for further information.


    All profits from Oakfield Trust are reinvested into our companies in order to consolidate and expand the range of properties. When possible, we use a portion of these profits as a ‘community dividend’ to support marginalised groups and organisations in socially excluded areas by assisting with carefully selected local social enterprises.


    CRA No: 20041861
    Company Registered No: 256915
    Registered Charity No: CHY 13443